Even though Danny White had rejoined the team a few days before the first game with replacement players, Landry went with Sweeney against the New York Jets on Oct. 4 at Giants Stadium. The coach cited a shoulder injury, but in reality, White was more than physically fit to take the field. “I dressed for the game and was y to go, but Coach Landry, it kind of came out that he wanted to protect me Dez Bryant Jerseys from an injury, playing with that offensive line,” White says. “That’s not true at all. It was more to protect me from that reputation, from being a scab or whatever. Coach Landry was always looking out for his players. Kevin went in and did a really nice job, too. I knew his father a little, and I was happy for them.” Around the league, about half of that week’s tickets had been returned. The strike wasn’t Dez Bryant Jerseys playing well nationally, especially in the stronger union cities in the Northeast. The Eagles first home game drew a couple of thousand fans. The average NFL salary at the time was $230,000, with a minimum of $50,000 for rookies. The average salary for the rest of the country was about $25,000. No one knew cheap dak prescott jersey what to expect from the games, this truly was a first. The largest point sp, shared by three teams, including the Cowboys over the Jets, was just four, which has to be a NFL record for a given week. Sweeney only completed six passes, but three of them went for touchdowns, 13, 33 and 35 yards, and the Cowboys rolled to 38-24 win. He also picked up a few pass interference calls on long throws, so his final tally of 139 passing yards is misleading. The game itself, though, was uglier than a catfish convention: 26 penalties for 281 yards, 11 sacks by Dallas alone, 8 fumbles, 6 lost, three interceptions, issues on substitutions and numerous Dak Prescott Jerseys delay of games calls. Also, there were 12,370 fans at chilly and windy Giants Stadium. At least that was the announced attendance. One writer Dallas Cowboys Jersey said it more resembled a closed workout. “I think this was probably the strangest circumstances I’ve ever seen,” Landry said after the game. “We’d like to see the players come back whenever they can. They’re the NFL. But I’m proud of these guys. This was a showcase for them because we never get to look at rookies in the preseason the way we did tonight. A lot of them played extremely well. Want to buy one? welcome to our shop http://www.buyjerseysshop.us.